The Executive Committee

Every member of the Institute (students, trainee teachers and teachers) has the democratic chance to join the MDIIY Executive Committee, vote at the Annual General Meeting, and, of course, put forward suggestions at any time.

All current Committee members, Advisors and IY (UK) Representatives are listed below in alphabetical order.

Name: Debra Bartholomew

(Senior Intermediate level 3 – 2007) has been practising yoga for over 20 years and now teaches Iyengar Yoga full time after working for 24 years in the building trade as a Builders’ Merchant. She teaches at the MDIIY, for local education authorities and for the NHS. She teaches all levels but particularly enjoys teaching beginners as they have so much enthusiasm. Debbie is an IY (UK) Assessor and is currently training to be a teacher trainer. She has been to India and taught by Geeta Iyengar four times and has been lucky enough to be taught by BKS Iyengar twice, at Crystal Palace in 1993 and in Paris in 1997. Debbie is also a member of the MDIIY Executive Committee.

Name: Tricia Booth

(Senior Intermediate level 3 – 1982) was a physiotherapist when she began practising Iyengar Yoga. She has been teaching for over 40 years. Tricia has made many visits to Pune to study with Guruji and has also taken numerous classes with him on his visits to the UK. For many years Tricia ran the Introductory Level teacher training courses with Jeanne Maslen and now does so with Julie Brown and Marion Kilburn. Tricia was Chairman of the MDIIY Executive Committee from 1983 to 2010. She has served as Chairman of the Assessment and Teacher Training Committee of the IY (UK) and is an IY (UK) Moderator for teacher assessments.

At Guruji’s request, Tricia is one of the named teachers who has long-standing teaching experience and is listed as one of The Most Senior Leading Teachers of the UK.

Name: Margaret Ellison

(Junior Intermediate level 3 – 1987) first introduction to yoga was in January 1974. Not long after this, she discovered Mr. Iyengar’s method of teaching and attended local classes. Margaret first qualified as a teacher in 1984. Having taught several local authority classes over the years, Margaret now enjoys teaching a ‘slower-paced’ class at the MDIIY. She regularly attends teachers’ classes and is a long-standing member of the MDIIY Executive Committee and a Trustee of the building.

Name: Charlotte Everitt

(Introductory level 2 – 2008) has been practising Iyengar yoga since 2000 and qualified as an Introductory level 2 teacher in 2008. She regularly attends Debbie Bartholomew’s classes at the Institute and was elected on to the MDIIY Executive Committee at the 2012 AGM, having been a member of the MDIIY since 2007.

Name: Jeanne Maslen

Jeanne, pictured here with Geeta Iyengar, began teaching yoga over 40 years ago and, with Pen Reed, was a founder member of the MDIIY. Jeanne became founding Chairman of the MDIIY Executive Committee in November 1976 and ran the Introductory Level Teacher Training course from 1972 to 1995. Jeanne was the second Chairman of the IY (UK) Executive Council and the first Moderator and organiser of the numerous assessments run by the Association.

Jeanne was awarded the Advanced (Junior) teaching certificate by Mr Iyengar in 1981 and was responsible for taking many groups of teachers and students to India. Jeanne was one of the seven teachers from Manchester who attended the opening of the RIMYI in Pune, India in 1975.

In 2008, Jeanne retired from teaching her numerous classes abroad and throughout the UK as well as retiring from teaching at the MDIIY. However, Jeanne remains a Trustee of the MDIIY building.

Name: Julia Mitchell

(Introductory level 2 – 2005) I have been practising Iyengar Yoga since 1992 and teaching since 2005. Yoga helps me to keep balance in my life and I love to see how yoga benefits people. I had a hip replacement in 2013 (nothing to do with yoga I hasten to add)and gradually building up my practice again afterwards helped me hugely in my recovery. I now use what I have learnt through the experience in my teaching and I am particularly interested in teaching slower paced classes to enable those who have frailties to keep practising yoga.

Name: Kim Skinner

(Junior Intermediate level 2 – 2014) first tried yoga at the age of 15. Her friend wanted to lose weight and asked her to go with her to an adult education class. The few memories Kim retained were “giggling a lot”, “doing the “candle” – shoulder stand – and of taking a blanket to class. (The bus driver once asked her if she was leaving home.) Over the following 20 years or so Kim would occasionally attend classes, but only became a regular attender when she joined Marion Kilburn’s class. Kim trained in Sheffield with Marion and Frances Homewood and qualified in 2007. Kim also feels very privileged to have attended classes in Pune in October 2010.

Name: Jayne Wilson

Jayne's love for yoga began almost 20 years ago when a work colleague suggested she went to a Hatha yoga class to help her relax and de-stress. It took another 10 years before she found an Iyengar teacher and realised this was her calling. She is a full time 11-18 school teacher and currently teaches 2 evening yoga classes in the Chorley area.

Name: Janice Yates

Janice has been the Honorary Secretary on the MDIIY Executive Committee since November 1989 and is a Trustee of the MDIIY building. She took on the role of Centre Manager in 2008.

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