Celebrating Our Guruji

Date: 09/12/2018 - 14/12/2018

Time: All Day

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Location: Manchester and District Institute of Iyengar Yoga

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Members of MDIIY, we wanted to let all of you know that this year we are planning a week long celebration as part of the centenary of Guruji’s passing.

As always, we will have our Christmas party to mark the end of term – only this year it will be a lot more like a party and will be held on the anniversary of Guruji’s birthday, 14th December. Games galore and lots of fun – when not teaching, Guruji would emphasise the importance of laughing and play in all of our lives. 

Our week of celebrations starts with a Workshop for teachers on the 8th December led by Julie Brown

Chanting workshop at 11am on 9th December for everyone who would like to learn more about the invocation to Patanjali, this is free and there is no need to book.

Christmas Market place on the 9th December 12 – 4pm.

From Monday 10th – 14th December there will be some specially themed classes,

  • Debbie’s Monday intermediate class will have a special demonstration
  • Jacky – beginners on Monday 5.30 pm will chant 100 OMs and eat 100 cacoa bites after class, delicious
  • Kim – Wednesday over 50’s class at 10.30am will follow a Seniors class plan from Pune 
  • Charlotte – Wednesday 8pm beginners class is going to be extended by 10 minutes so it last’s 100 minutes and in that time the students will complete a 100 postures.
  • Susie  – Beginners class on Thursday at 7pm will follow a Pune style beginners class with limited props 
  • Joan – slower paced class on Thursday at 1.15pm will light 100 tea lights and have cake and tea after with talks of BKS Iyengar 
  • Sarah’s Friday general class had homework as the class wrote their favourite and worst poses on snowflakes made during Dec, handed them all in to Sarah who has made a class plan from them. 

14th December is a celebration of Guruji’s birthday tickets are available here, they are just £5 for your evenings entertainment and dinner.  Dress in bright clothing and be prepared to have lots of fun!

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